Free Resources for Caregivers

We hope you have discovered our organization before some major life event has impacted you and your loved ones, but we have found that many people have the job of care giving thrust upon them without any preparation or notice.

As professionals in the industry, we have seen, that these unexpected caregivers are totally unprepared for the challenges that they are presented with.

The Argument

Most of the time, we find that family and loved ones are completely unaware of the status of their family’s affairs, medications and health conditions, just to name a few. We often hear, “I know, I know… but my mom or dad is in great health. I don’t think it’s time to be thinking of this right now. Perhaps later.”

Statistically, becoming a caregiver occurs unexpectedly due to a life-changing event such as a fall or other health issue, which prevents your loved one from taking care of themselves.

This is not about scaring you, it’s about creating awareness and equipping you with the proper resources so you are not prepared when your loved one needs you the most. We are here to help by improving the quality of life for both the caregiver and the loved one being cared for.

Leading Challenges for Newfound Caregivers

  • Lack of understanding, not knowing where to turn or what to do first.
  • The lack of planning causes rash decisions, which may not be beneficial to the caregiver and the loved one that needs assistance.
  • Emergent need, it’s amazing what a little preparation can do!
  • Loss of time and income from caregiver’s work absences (loss of a caregivers income due to time taken away from work to deal with emergent issues, perhaps multiple times).

How We Can Help

The GAC can help in more ways than you think. We invite you to call one of our local chapters or email us for more information. We can help arrange for you to attend one of our monthly meetings. Caregivers are invited, free of charge to see the GAC in action. We offer free assistance to resources that can help you.

More often than not, people leave us with a better plan of action for their loved one’s care than before they attended the meeting! If you’re simply looking for a referral, whether it’s to a healthcare provider, doctor, or other service, we have resources and connections we hope can help accommodate your needs.

Simply click on the member list button, located on the main menu at the top of any page to contact us or call one of our chapter co-directors directly. You can find their contact information on the chapter’s page. Simply use the drop-down box on the right sidebar of the website to access local GAC member’s information. Our members are business people and organization leaders that will be accepting your call on their direct business line or cell phone. Remember to let them know you are calling in regards to the GAC. We think you will find them excited and willing to HELP.