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The Geriatric Advisory Council “gets the word out” thru speaking engagements with your organization that cover caregiver and senior issues, concerns and wellness. Many people have the job of caregiving thrust upon them unexpectedly. As professionals in the industry, we have seen that these unexpected caregivers are totally unprepared for the challenges that they are presented with.

The GAC helps by speaking with the people in your organization and creating awareness so they don’t feel lost or become taken advantage of due to emergent circumstances. This improves the quality of life for both the caregiver and the loved one being cared for. From the standpoint of the organization, this awareness and newfound knowledge, acquired by their employees, decreases lost (personal and sick) time and maintains workplace productivity.

The Argument

Most of the time, we find that family and loved ones are completely unaware of the status of their family’s affairs, medications and health conditions, etc. We often hear, “I know, I know… but my mom or dad is in great health.” Statistically, becoming a caregiver occurs unexpectedly due to a major event… a fall or other health issues, which prevents your loved one from taking care of themselves.

How We Can Help

This is not about scaring you; it’s about creating awareness so you are not reacting when your loved one needs you the most. Let us speak with you and your organization and help you be better prepared.

The GAC comes to you, free of charge and provides a short (30-60 minute), session to give your people a jumpstart on what may be one of the most challenging times of their life. Help them feel empowered to take good care of their loved ones!

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